DEFENDERS: Entertaining football starts with us

During the Hyundai A-League pre-season, Central Coast Mariners Head Coach Tony Walmsley has emphasised the entertaining brand of football his team will play. Two of his youngest defenders in Jake McGing & Mickey Neill say that attack starts from the back four.

In an entertaining football philosophy the attackers will be key but McGing who is set to make his Hyundai A-League debut at the weekend and Mickey Neill who has overcome last season that was hampered by injury, have both put their hands up to contribute to the attack. 

Tony Walmsley has shown faith in his young defenders through out the pre-season and is confident they have what it takes to shut down the Hyundai A-League's heavy weights. 

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“We’ve got a 1v1 defensive philosophy that requires our players to be bold,” Walmsley said.

“We’ve got some really good attributes in our choices in the backline."

Shifting from defensive midfield to centre back, McGing has developed at lighting speed this pre-season and is embracing Walmsley's style of play. 

“Obviously it’s [entertaining football] got to start all the way up from the goalkeeper, so it’s got to be entertaining from the back all the way up to the striker,” McGing said.

“We start the first play line at the back so we’re going to be looking to get over the top with the wide backs as well as getting the centre backs to drive through the midfield and get shots on goal possibly as well.

“We want that entertaining brand and we’ve got that down pat this pre-season - we should be ready to go on Saturday," McGing said. 

Fellow defender Mickey Neill expressed similar thoughts when quizzed on his role this season.

“Most attacks are from defence anyway so it starts from the back four playing out,” Neill said.

“I like to think we start the attacks and in order to play an attacking brand of football, it starts with the backline.

“That entertaining brand is the way he [Tony Walmsley] wants us to play, a high line and just working hard.

“I’m just really enjoying his [Walmsley’s] advice and everything he’s doing for the team at the moment.